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Keyboard Genetic Algorithm part 2

In order to test my parameters, here are the scores on my 4 favorite layouts. Remember, lower is better.

Arensito (with H and P switched, because Arensito was designed for an ergonomic keyboard, which I don’t have): 7.4217
Capewell Evolved Layout: 7.0544
Dvorak (with U and I switched, which is what I am currently using): 6.6079
Colemak: 6.5481

This was a bit surprising. I expected Arensito to be the best, or at least to beat Dvorak. This strangeness might have something to do with the bug that skews the count of same finger use. In order to get really accurate data, I should probably fix it. Also, a guy at the Colemak Forum pointed out to me that this program should not weigh same finger use so heavily. That would probably explain this result.

Here are 2 of the best layouts that have been generated, scoring 6.2 and 6.1, respectively.

l d m b ; k p u o w
r h t n g c i e a s
v z f j x . y ‘ , q

b f l m ‘ q y u o p
s n r t d g h e a i
z v j w x c k , . ;

You’ll notice that there are some similarities between them. Those, as well as a couple other of the best-scoring layouts, put all the vowels (not counting U because it is less common) on one side of the home row, and the most common consonants on the other.
Before I tell you the following thing, I want you to remember that these layouts were developed separately. The only similarity is that I used the same algorithm for both.
BOTH layouts have the SAME HUGE PROBLEM: O and A are on the SAME FINGER!!!!!!!! And it’s not even the middle finger, it’s the RING FINGER!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????????? It probably happened because of an over-weighted sense of same finger use.

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  1. Neil
    January 11, 2015 at 6:58 am

    Hey man – I made a custom layout. Is there a way to run it through your test to see how it fares? I designed it to try to maximize inward rolling and facilitate common di- and tri-glyphs.

    • January 11, 2015 at 7:01 am

      If you download the program from here, in the doc/ folder, it contains a file called layoutStore.txt. Add your layout in the same format as the layouts in the file. Then execute the program, type “compare”, and press enter.

      If that doesn’t work or the instructions are unclear, let me know.

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