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Typing Data: Preliminary Analysis

November 27, 2011 10 comments

I have collected a large quantity typing data using Amphetype, on both QWERTY and MTGAP 2.0 (the two layouts that I currently know). I do not have any conclusive results, but I have some interesting data that I thought worth sharing.

My most interesting discovery is that there is a statistically significant correlation between frequency of a trigram and the average speed at which it is typed. On MTGAP 2.0 the correlation is 0.34 and on QWERTY it is 0.33. This means that a trigram’s frequency accounts for about 10% of the variation in typing speed—not a lot, but still enough to merit consideration.

Then I analyzed the speeds of various key combinations. For example, on MTGAP 2.0, the average speed for a trigram containing an inward roll is 121 words per minute (wpm); for a trigram containing an outward roll, the average is 110 wpm, and for a trigram containing neither, it is 111 wpm.

When all three keys are typed with one hand, the average is 104 wpm; when two are typed with one hand and one with the other, the average is 118 wpm; and where the hand alternates, 107 wpm.

Where the total finger travel distance is short, the average is 120 wpm; for medium distance, 111; and for a long distance, 105.

It would be premature to draw conclusions from these data. For example, the reason why short finger travel distance is faster may be because MTGAP 2.0 intentionally places common keys on the home row, and common keys tend to be typed faster. On QWERTY, the average speeds for short, medium, and long distance are 96, 102, and 104 wpm, respectively. In this case, the short-distance keys are the slowest.

I am currently looking for anyone who uses Amphetype or is willing to contribute some time to using it. I want to get as much typing data as possible, especially on a variety of keyboard layouts. Leave a comment if you are interested.

For those who are interested, here are all the data I have acquired.


Average WPM: 112

near distance average: 120
medium distance average: 111
far distance average: 105

inward close keys average: 120
outward close keys average: 107
not close keys average: 110

in roll average: 121
out roll average: 110
not roll average: 111

same hand average: 104
two and one average: 118
alternation average: 107

triple finger average: 73
same finger average: 91
different finger average: 115

twice jump average: 73
home jump average: 92
home jump index average: 113
not jump average: 112

twice to center average: 105
to center average: 116
not to center average: 112


Average WPM: 104

near distance average: 96
medium distance average: 102
far distance average: 104

inward close keys average: 106
outward close keys average: 113
not close keys average: 102

in roll average: 104
out roll average: 116
not roll average: 102

same hand average: 98
two and one average: 106
alternation average: 105

triple finger average: 72
same finger average: 87
different finger average: 107

twice jump average: 71
home jump average: 82
home jump index average: 116
not jump average: 104

twice to center average: 100
to center average: 108
not to center average: 102